Well, We Were

Hi friends. Not sure anyone goes to websites anymore (other than bots), but just in case you are a real live human coming here and wondering “wtf is up with BiAS they are the coolest?” we wanted to be sure you knew…

See you around.


Thing in the Spring 2014


Our favorite time of year is here again.

Hard to believe its been 50 weeks since we released Calling Out. But it has. Well, I guess that depends on how you look at it. Technically we didn’t have vinyl for sale until like September. Oh what a weird year. Anyway, yeah…its been like a year.

The 7th annual Thing in the Spring is coming up in a little under two weeks in Peterborough, NH and the line-up is sick. We’ve got a handful of NEW SONGS (no for real, we finally have new songs) and we are playing outdoors with a lot of other bands that we adore.

There’s a ton happening that weekend so just visit the website to see.




The calendar says it is, but the weather apparently does not agree.

Hibernation is the name of the game these days. We’re tired of being cold. But a couple people have dragged us out of our respective houses in recent weeks and we think its been good for our heads. Highlights include: playing with Radical Dads and GRASS IS GREEN, a two-day jaunt with the Operators, Weather Weapon and halfsour, and playing some bullshit in Dustin’s new basement because he’s all adult now and has one.

Spring brings good things. Progress. An absence of times we have to shovel the fucking driveway. So maybe we will play more shows again. Maybe we’ll even leave New England?

Nah. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

In your meantime: https://bunnysaswine.net/shows

Calling Out: Pre-Orders / Digi Downs

This week marks five years of Bunny’s A Swine. Unreal. It also marks the release of our fourth album, Calling Out.

The record is available for digital download and vinyl pre-order right now. Unfortunately we’ve had problems with the pressing that have delayed the physical release for the time being. But hang tight and special thanks to the many of you who pre-ordered the physical copy.

We do have some specially packaged test presses for sale at shows if you’re into collectors items. Those come with unique packaging, full download, and the complete story of why our records are late.

In the meantime, enjoy these while you drive in your car/sit at your computer/tune out the sound of roommates/whateverwhathaveyou…

Real Talk: Record Prices

As the release of our new record approaches, it occurs to us that some of you have yet to purchase our old records. We know this to be true because we are looking at them right now. We’re very excited about Calling Out and can’t wait to share it with everyone, but the truth is it’s not even a record yet… it’s still a pile of plastic in some factory, and we need your help to get it through these last few, but very expensive steps, of creation.

Did you know that you can get a copies of our last two records, All Day, Alright and Literal Breakfast, for only $10 plus shipping on our Bandcamp page?!?! You’re right, that is a crazy good deal! It’s also barely what it cost for us to make them, and we can’t do it anymore. So as of May 10th we’re raising the price of all our records to $15. We think it’s still a pretty sweet deal; both have beautiful hand made jackets and are packed with liner notes and fun stuff to read, touch and look at.

It’s always been one of our goals to make BiAS a sustainable operation, it’s not really, but we’re damn close. We’ve always been able to do that while still keeping our records super cheap, because we want to get them to as many of you as possible. But as the band has grown (we’re planning on enrolling kindergarten next fall!) so have our needs, and it’s time for a raise in our allowance.

We are not doing this now with the intention of getting the most money out of you in the future. Instead it is to be sure you can take advantage of the old price while you can and when we need your help the most. We are very close to the finish line for Calling Out, and rather than ask you for a handout (or set up a Kickstarter) we want to send you something else that we’re very proud of and we think you’ll like too.

Also they’re taking up the shelf space where the new record needs to go.

And as for those of you who have already purchased these records but really want to help us out — don’t worry! A pre-sale for Calling Out will be up and running soon, so stay tuned.

Buy All Day, Alright:


Buy Literal Breakfast:


TR-06-AA: New Digital 7″ y’all!


Hot off the digital press (which is soooooooo much faster than the one we use to press wax) — Bunny’s a Swine’s first new release to the world since 2011: TR-06-AA!

The digital 7″ (as we like to call it) features two brand new songs. A-side, “TV,” is a sentimental jam. The B-side, “Greetings from the Bottom,” is a little bit more like how we feel about the industry of records.

Listen here!!

We hope you like them and that you tell all your friends about them and that you download them and put them on all your springtime mixes and that you play them loudly on your car stereo and sing along because these are singalong jams.

Justin Durand drew that cat you see above. We think he’s pretty handsome. (Both Justin and the cat, for the record.)

Also, don’t forget that we have a show on Friday night with the phenomenal Emperor X at the Dreamaway Lodge. It’s basically going to be like all the good things that happen in Twin Peaks, but none of the bad.