Literal Breakfast, Actual Tour

It takes a lot of time to plan a tour — especially when you are doing it yourself. You have to decide where you are going, find venues, do a whole lot of promotion, find a vehicle, coordinate everyone’s schedule, get all your merch in order, find local bands, book all the shows…it’s a lot and its a testament to (warning: cheeseball alert) teamwork. So we got really lucky when we teamed up with Graph. Now there are two of us (well, 6 actually) to carry that weight.

Which helped us out quite a bit since we also spent the past few months working to put out a record at the same time. Literal Breakfast, our brand new six track EP, will be released at the first show of the tour — which is at the Sierra Grille in Northampton, MA this Thursday (Oct 7).

We are big fans of the Grille and could not be happier to be sharing that night with Graph and our friends in Pile (from Boston) who just put out their own new record this past weekend.

The album could not have happened without the help of many of our friends: most notably those at the Glass Museum. But it was truly an effort by many. From the recording to the album artwork to the covers to the liner notes to the download code cards, nearly every step of the process was completed by either us or people that we know and love. (The only real exception was the actual pressing of the vinyl.)

It is a real physical thing in a world of downloads. And not just any real thing: a real vinyl record! Come to the release show on Thursday and get something that you can put in your hands, carry home, and interact with that doesn’t involve the light of LCDs. Okay okay, it even comes with a free digital download anyway…

new things, pretty things

went to the studio last weekend to record a 7″ for a limited release. it was a ton of fun, as recording with Gebo always is. it was also stupid hot and we smelled really bad by the time it was over. these will be released on flexidiscs…which are like really floppy plastic. watch the video for a taste. there will only be 100 of them and they’ll arrive when they arrive and disappear when they disappear.

our next album (Literal Breakfast) will be out in October by the time we set off for our tour with Graph. it’s an EP and it is being put out by the fine folks at The Glass Museum. we are really excited about this because it will be our first vinyl release. it will come with a digital download and all that fun stuff.

meanwhile, our friends in Graph have been quite busy, too…they just released a cassette tape in which they cover our song “Moose-Cow.” you can order it here.

more updates to come. if you’re finding yourself coming to the end of this post and you’re upset that there are no more links and things to check out, don’t worry. you can go vote for Bunny’s A Swine as the best “Pop” band in the Valley by going here. there are a lot of other awesome bands in there (including Graph for “Rock” and “Trials and Tribulations” for folk…) so go nuts and vote your heart out.

coming soon: details on our exciting shows in september. did someone say brewfest?

love, BiAS.


yesterday was our two year bandiversary. it didn’t quite measure up to year one — in which we probably kicked off the hatred that The Rendevouz has for loud music. there was definitely some falling down at that one. and every time we finished a song there would magically be three more shots of whiskey.


but for the purposes of a trip down memory lane, you may now indulge in this snippet from our history books — in which emerson emails candace about the very first BiAS practice:

it will be ridiculously hot, but it’s a free place to play, so drink lots of fluids and shut up about it.  and yes beer counts as a fluids.  they say it dehydrates you, but those people just don’t realize you have to drink it faster in the heat.

year two was an interesting one. we embarked on our very first tour (you can see photos here) and put out our very first album (buy buy buy).

the songs got stranger. they seem darker, but that just might be because we broke a few lightbulbs at one point and didn’t get around to replacing them.

we also made a lot of band friends. our BandBFF graph, the coolest dudes in all of NH in ampm, the frenetic frantics in miniboone, and of course, pile. and we got to play with some really rad bands…like you can be a wesley and the back pockets. oh, and moving pictures puts us to shame. and that’s just to name a few.

alright, enough with this sappy shit. memory lane is under construction now. reinvestment and recovery.

now to go bed.

bushes (new song)

we recorded a new ep in january/february with justin, and those songs are slowly starting to inch their way out into the universe. this one is called “i should have left the bushes hours ago.” we mostly just call it “bushes.” we have a penchant for long song titles & short songs.

I Should Have Left the Bushes Hours Ago


got a letter from bob pollard

things to be aware of:

1) there is an ep. we think that we may have titled it over the last 24 hours and the title is really great but its still a secret. we can say this: kevin gebo was involved. we recorded the songs at bank row studio in january — finally cashing in on our grand prize from the happy valley showdown. bank row was an amazing place to record and justin pizzoferato is wicked talented. additionally, we discovered the we all shared a deep love for particular brand of seltzer water. these recordings are undergoing mysterious dealings but let us warn you: they sound pretty fucking rad.

2) we are going on the road at the end of june! us and our friends in the band Pile (boston, ma) plus a rumored documentarian (?) will be heading out at the end of june to play a series of house shows across the eastern seaboard. house shows are one of our new favorite things. if you are anywhere near philly, richmond or new brunswick, nj then you may now begin the process of preparing yourselves. also, yes, no need to beg because we will definitely sleep on your floor. thanks for offering.

3) RIP Zazz

4) we did get a letter from bob pollard.

now stop reading this and go do something useful.

We made a blog!

Holy crap! Why was it so hard to do? Why did it take so many months to crack to blog code? What things did you miss out on because it didn’t exist?


Welcome to the blog. We will post things of semi-interest here. Or not. I guess you’ll have to wait and see.