Bunny’s A Swine was born in a hot attic in the summer of 2008. Our sound has been called tweegrunge (by some), awkpop (by ourselves), and indie rock (by others). We are a trio of drums, electric guitar, and three-string guitar (which is just like electric guitar, only with just three strings on it).

We stopped being what we were in the summer of 2018 — almost ten ten years to the date of our very first practice.

We released four albums for your enjoyment:


  • Calling Out, our fourth album is available for digital purchase and 12″ vinyl LP.
  • All Day, Alright, our third album, is available for digital purchase and 12″ vinyl LP.
  • Literal Breakfast, our second album, is a 12″ 45rpm vinyl EP and almost sold out physically but is always available digitally.
  • Nothing Bad Will Happen, our first album was released as an actual CD and you can’t get any of those anymore but you can still stream it and purchase it digitally.

People have said things about us. You can read those things here.

We also ran a record label called TinyRadars.

Nothing is final, but nothing lasts forever.

Our first album Nothing Bad Will Happen is available on Amazon and iTunes, but you can also order physical copies and downloads here.