Real Talk: Record Prices

As the release of our new record approaches, it occurs to us that some of you have yet to purchase our old records. We know this to be true because we are looking at them right now. We’re very excited about Calling Out and can’t wait to share it with everyone, but the truth is it’s not even a record yet… it’s still a pile of plastic in some factory, and we need your help to get it through these last few, but very expensive steps, of creation.

Did you know that you can get a copies of our last two records, All Day, Alright and Literal Breakfast, for only $10 plus shipping on our Bandcamp page?!?! You’re right, that is a crazy good deal! It’s also barely what it cost for us to make them, and we can’t do it anymore. So as of May 10th we’re raising the price of all our records to $15. We think it’s still a pretty sweet deal; both have beautiful hand made jackets and are packed with liner notes and fun stuff to read, touch and look at.

It’s always been one of our goals to make BiAS a sustainable operation, it’s not really, but we’re damn close. We’ve always been able to do that while still keeping our records super cheap, because we want to get them to as many of you as possible. But as the band has grown (we’re planning on enrolling kindergarten next fall!) so have our needs, and it’s time for a raise in our allowance.

We are not doing this now with the intention of getting the most money out of you in the future. Instead it is to be sure you can take advantage of the old price while you can and when we need your help the most. We are very close to the finish line for Calling Out, and rather than ask you for a handout (or set up a Kickstarter) we want to send you something else that we’re very proud of and we think you’ll like too.

Also they’re taking up the shelf space where the new record needs to go.

And as for those of you who have already purchased these records but really want to help us out — don’t worry! A pre-sale for Calling Out will be up and running soon, so stay tuned.

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