TR-06-AA: New Digital 7″ y’all!


Hot off the digital press (which is soooooooo much faster than the one we use to press wax) — Bunny’s a Swine’s first new release to the world since 2011: TR-06-AA!

The digital 7″ (as we like to call it) features two brand new songs. A-side, “TV,” is a sentimental jam. The B-side, “Greetings from the Bottom,” is a little bit more like how we feel about the industry of records.

Listen here!!

We hope you like them and that you tell all your friends about them and that you download them and put them on all your springtime mixes and that you play them loudly on your car stereo and sing along because these are singalong jams.

Justin Durand drew that cat you see above. We think he’s pretty handsome. (Both Justin and the cat, for the record.)

Also, don’t forget that we have a show on Friday night with the phenomenal Emperor X at the Dreamaway Lodge. It’s basically going to be like all the good things that happen in Twin Peaks, but none of the bad.