Dearest Dreamhaus


About this time last year we played one of (if not the) best house shows ever at Dreamhaus in Boston. Back then it was still called Dreamhouse because the krautrock influence hadn’t really set in (#jokes). We have probably never played to a room of kids so invested and interested in music. That wasn’t a show about pretense, or hype, or really anything except being there in the moment. If every house show could be even half as good as that one was, no one would ever play in a bar/club again.

It was one of the first shows at Dreamhaus and the fine folks who live there continued to open up their living room and home for shows, sleepovers, gatherings, meeting space, really anything that people needed. Having a space like that is so important and it doesn’t happen without the openness of the people inhabiting it.

Unfortunately, their house was broken into a couple days ago and the jerks who did so stole a lot of stuff like computers and things that are expensive. Having your place broken into really fucks you up and rightly so the Dreamhaus dwellers are contemplating the future of the space. In the meantime, you can kick them a couple bucks if you are so inclined to help them replace the things that were stolen: