MiniTouring with MiniBoone Recap & New Album News


So we went on a little MiniTour with MiniBoone at the end of January and hit up Boston, Portland, Worcester and Hatfield. Two bar shows, two house shows, all good times. It was cold. Really cold. At the Worcester show we played in a basement that didn’t have any heat so we just drank more to stay warm. It was bizarrely enough a tour that favored tequila over whiskey. You’d think it was summertime or something.


MiniBoone tearing it up at the Bella’s Bartok house

MiniBoone are a great group of guys and getting to see them do their thing every night was such an excellent pleasure. Their sound is so intricate and they write such smart pop songs with sometimes 4-part harmonies and it always sounds perfect no matter what kind of room they are in. They tore it up every night and we had a great time watching YouTube videos, shopping for records, listening to mixes of each other’s albums and you know, drinking beers.


MiniBoone has a push-up contest. Craig won, in case you were wondering.


Dukes does some bargain bin record shopping at a thrift store. Explains that all the records at these places are the same.


Shot some video of MiniBoone for the TinyRadars Cow House Video Series.

When we got back we had the final mixing session for our new album and set a release date for early June at the Thing in the Spring, where we are thrilled to be invited back to perform at this year. It’s really a special occasion too — not only do we love that music festival and attend every year, but June marks the 5th year of the bands existence. We don’t want to say too much about the record yet, but we will say that its a full-length and we were so happy to get to work with Justin on it. Lots of the songs on there are ones that are new and haven’t really made it out into the world at shows. You can read a little more about how we made the record on Justin’s blog if you are curious.


Emerson plays the Game Boy while Dukes figures out if there should be cowbell on the record.


Takes a lot of Big Muffs to make records.


Chicken sandwich, Carl.