IT IS SPRING. Did you know that rabbits hibernate? (They don’t.) We’ve got a (Diddy) boat load of exciting shit going on in April and May. In fact, we’re honestly a bit terrified by the sheer quantity of awesome ahead. So here’s the latest:

1) We are recording a new LP. That’s right, kids! A whole new record of songs just for you! We’ll be working with the incredibly talented Justin Pizzoferrato again and will be recording at an undisclosed location because we expect the session to be much like a Beatles concert in the 60s (with the throngs of fans beating down the doors, etc.)

2) Video killed the radio star. BiAS is starting production on our first music video EVER with the Loroto Productions team in early May. Contact your cellphone provider and make sure that you won’t go over your monthly data limit from watching it over and over again on your iKill.

3) Thing in the Spring! We are thrilled to be joining the stage with Flowers and Cream (Thurston Moore, Byron Coley, Conrad Capistran, John Moloney…) and Stephen Brodsky (Cave In) at this year’s Thing. Things was one of our favorite shows of 2010 and will undoubtedly be on the list for 2011, too. Tickets are already halfway gone, so get yours now and don’t miss out: http://www.thethinginthespring.com/

4) Girls Rock Camp Mixer on April 21. Candace has been working with a lot of rocking ladies in the Boston scene at Girls Rock Camp Boston. This is a fundraiser showcase featuring the many bands of the other volunteers. All the money will go to GRCB. We are especially excited to play again with our friends in Banditas on this one. More here.

More to come soon with lots of news about shows and summer tours.