Literal Breakfast, Actual Tour

It takes a lot of time to plan a tour — especially when you are doing it yourself. You have to decide where you are going, find venues, do a whole lot of promotion, find a vehicle, coordinate everyone’s schedule, get all your merch in order, find local bands, book all the shows…it’s a lot and its a testament to (warning: cheeseball alert) teamwork. So we got really lucky when we teamed up with Graph. Now there are two of us (well, 6 actually) to carry that weight.

Which helped us out quite a bit since we also spent the past few months working to put out a record at the same time. Literal Breakfast, our brand new six track EP, will be released at the first show of the tour — which is at the Sierra Grille in Northampton, MA this Thursday (Oct 7).

We are big fans of the Grille and could not be happier to be sharing that night with Graph and our friends in Pile (from Boston) who just put out their own new record this past weekend.

The album could not have happened without the help of many of our friends: most notably those at the Glass Museum. But it was truly an effort by many. From the recording to the album artwork to the covers to the liner notes to the download code cards, nearly every step of the process was completed by either us or people that we know and love. (The only real exception was the actual pressing of the vinyl.)

It is a real physical thing in a world of downloads. And not just any real thing: a real vinyl record! Come to the release show on Thursday and get something that you can put in your hands, carry home, and interact with that doesn’t involve the light of LCDs. Okay okay, it even comes with a free digital download anyway…