new things, pretty things

went to the studio last weekend to record a 7″ for a limited release. it was a ton of fun, as recording with Gebo always is. it was also stupid hot and we smelled really bad by the time it was over. these will be released on flexidiscs…which are like really floppy plastic. watch the video for a taste. there will only be 100 of them and they’ll arrive when they arrive and disappear when they disappear.

our next album (Literal Breakfast) will be out in October by the time we set off for our tour with Graph. it’s an EP and it is being put out by the fine folks at The Glass Museum. we are really excited about this because it will be our first vinyl release. it will come with a digital download and all that fun stuff.

meanwhile, our friends in Graph have been quite busy, too…they just released a cassette tape in which they cover our song “Moose-Cow.” you can order it here.

more updates to come. if you’re finding yourself coming to the end of this post and you’re upset that there are no more links and things to check out, don’t worry. you can go vote for Bunny’s A Swine as the best “Pop” band in the Valley by going here. there are a lot of other awesome bands in there (including Graph for “Rock” and “Trials and Tribulations” for folk…) so go nuts and vote your heart out.

coming soon: details on our exciting shows in september. did someone say brewfest?

love, BiAS.