yesterday was our two year bandiversary. it didn’t quite measure up to year one — in which we probably kicked off the hatred that The Rendevouz has for loud music. there was definitely some falling down at that one. and every time we finished a song there would magically be three more shots of whiskey.


but for the purposes of a trip down memory lane, you may now indulge in this snippet from our history books — in which emerson emails candace about the very first BiAS practice:

it will be ridiculously hot, but it’s a free place to play, so drink lots of fluids and shut up about it.  and yes beer counts as a fluids.  they say it dehydrates you, but those people just don’t realize you have to drink it faster in the heat.

year two was an interesting one. we embarked on our very first tour (you can see photos here) and put out our very first album (buy buy buy).

the songs got stranger. they seem darker, but that just might be because we broke a few lightbulbs at one point and didn’t get around to replacing them.

we also made a lot of band friends. our BandBFF graph, the coolest dudes in all of NH in ampm, the frenetic frantics in miniboone, and of course, pile. and we got to play with some really rad bands…like you can be a wesley and the back pockets. oh, and moving pictures puts us to shame. and that’s just to name a few.

alright, enough with this sappy shit. memory lane is under construction now. reinvestment and recovery.

now to go bed.