got a letter from bob pollard

things to be aware of:

1) there is an ep. we think that we may have titled it over the last 24 hours and the title is really great but its still a secret. we can say this: kevin gebo was involved. we recorded the songs at bank row studio in january — finally cashing in on our grand prize from the happy valley showdown. bank row was an amazing place to record and justin pizzoferato is wicked talented. additionally, we discovered the we all shared a deep love for particular brand of seltzer water. these recordings are undergoing mysterious dealings but let us warn you: they sound pretty fucking rad.

2) we are going on the road at the end of june! us and our friends in the band Pile (boston, ma) plus a rumored documentarian (?) will be heading out at the end of june to play a series of house shows across the eastern seaboard. house shows are one of our new favorite things. if you are anywhere near philly, richmond or new brunswick, nj then you may now begin the process of preparing yourselves. also, yes, no need to beg because we will definitely sleep on your floor. thanks for offering.

3) RIP Zazz

4) we did get a letter from bob pollard.

now stop reading this and go do something useful.